Internet Journal of Science - Biological Chemistry

Volume 1 First issue (June 97)

Volume 2 Abstracts of the 1997 Winter School in Biophysics
Biophysical Aspects of Protein Folding.
April 2 until April 6 1997
Storlien, Sweden

Volume 3 First Internet Conference on Photochemistry
and Photobiology

November 17 - December 12 1997

Volume 3 Last issue


The Internet is a revolutionary medium for publishing scientific papers. This new journal of Biological Chemistry and related topics will set the standard for the publishing of high quality scientific papers on the Internet.


All aspects of Chemistry are included, but with particular emphasis on studies of biologically important molecules. In addition, the journal would like to promote the application of Computers in chemistry such as Molecular Modelling, Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics.

Types of Articles

Each issue will be in two parts.
The journal will be a peer reviewed electronic, but otherwise a conventional scientific journal.
In addition, there will be a magazine section which will contain more topical issues.

Editorial Board. The journal is currently planning a re-launch. If you are interested in becoming the new editor or just joining the editorial board, contact Paul Heelis

Instructions to authors

In association with

Royal Holloway College