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Welcome to our new journal. We believe that scientific publishing will be revolutionized by the Internet and change from a very elite medium to one accessible by anyone on the planet. We will always make the pages freely accessible - we will NEVER charge for access. Obviously there are costs in publishing but they are much reduced from paper publishing and we already have sponsorship for the first phase of our activities.

Of course the costs of providing such information to you the reader are also reduced because there is no need for a local library tostore the information. You do not need to be a member of a library (or even institution) to get access and you can access the same information more or less instantly from your office, hotel room,or home.

Looking back at the history of science there are many examples of discoveries that were made but not disseminated for years.Incidently this lead to multiple claims to be the first to make discoveries and to various mysteries as to what people actually had discovered. In those days of course science was a mainly amateur activity rather than a profession as now. Similarly it is sometimes the case that major ideas are developed by scientists in different fields to their main ones.

All new technology has unpredictable consequences and the Internet is bound to be no exception. I believe it will allow science to become much more open and accessible to anyone in the planet andwho knows what ideas will be triggered and discoveries made asa result?

Bill Unsworth Ph. D.
Publisher - December 31st 1996
U-net Ltd
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