The Journal


Both invited and contributed reviews on any topic within the remit of the journalwill be published. Authors interested in submitting a review, should send a short summaryto the editor, before embarking on the preparation of the full article.

Regular Papers

These should describe original research that hasnot previously been published elsewhere. Whilst there is no limiton the length of papers or the number of figures, authors areexpected to exercise the same restraint that they would in a traditionaljournal. Hence a working limit of 10 pages of A4 when printed and 10 figureswill be applied, unless there was a convincingcase for a larger publication.

Short communications

These should describe new developments of particularimportance. The size limit is 3 pages of A4 including diagrams.Note that it is expected that a fuller version of the workwill appear at a later date, although of course this can be submittedto any journal.

Rapid communications

If the authors can make a case for extra rapid publication,then the journal will attempt to publish within 14 days of receipt.However, as this is dependent upon external referees, no guaranteescan be given.

The Magazine


Short articles (1 page A4 max) can be submitted describingnew developments in chemistry and biological chemistry. This couldbe for example a new technique or even the opening of a majornew facility.


Comments on recent developments or topical commentson all issues relating to biological chemistry are welcomed bythe journal.

Students section

Both undergraduate and post-graduate students areencouraged to send reports of their projects. However, in bothcases a short (100 words) synopsis of the report should be submittedby the supervisor, prior to submission of the full report. Thefinal paper should be no longer than 3 pages long including diagrams.

The biological chemistry educator

Either practical laboratory experiments or articlesdescribing approaches to the teaching of the topic at the undergraduateor postgraduate level would be welcome. A 6 page limit appliesin this case.

Conferences notices

Organisers of conferences in any area of physicalscience can request that a notice be included in the journal.This should include the title, date, location, a 2-5 line summaryof the aims and the address for further details and if appropriate,the URL.

Electronic conference hosting

The journal is willing to host electronic conferenceson any topic consistent with the overall aims of the journal.This offers several advantages to the organiser, including a wideraudience, the use of the web site, and the benefits of a US mirrorsite (or European mirror for a US conference). In addition, thearchiving and issuing of the conference proceedings on CD-ROMis offered.

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