Torshina N.L.1, Volkova A.I.1, Possyhanova A.M.1, Kogan E.A.2, Kharnas S.S.2.

1General Physics Institute

38 Vavilov st., Moscow 117942, Russia

2Medical Academy, clinic of surgeonly decease ?1

6 B. Pirogovskaya st., Moscow 119435, Russia


Currently we carry out the clinical examenation of “Photosens” preparation for treatment of cancer. It consists of aluminium sulpho-phtalocianine. At the moment we investigate new fotosensitisers and new application of “Photosens”.

We showed that “Photosens” is strongly accumulated not only in tumor but in inflamation and damage tissues.

For example we haven’t observed any anyaccumulation of “Photosens” on membrane of erithricites, but after membrane damage the accumulation was larger. In the nother case we showed that accumulation of “Photosens” in lung tissue was very small and also it became bigger in inflamation tissues.

At the another case when we investigated accumulation of “Photosens” in tumor we found out that accumulation rate was larger after damage of tumor tissues (fig. dr.). We even worked out our out method of treatment of cancer based on this phenomenon. Therefor it is not suprising that accumulation of “Photosens” have therapevtic value on sites of localisationof fungus bekause on this site we observed damage tissues anda lot of leikocites and macrofages.

In the experiment presented our aim was to treat the tumor of the dog mammary gland, we had the tumor with the fungus of types of Candida.

Therefore our investigation included two aims — treatment of tumor and treatment of dermatomycosis.