Photochemical processes in maleic acid

V.J. Sachkov and E.J Sachkova

T.P.U. F.T.D.
Str. Lenina 2, Tomsk, 634004, Russia


Reacentle the investigation of molecules under excitement of high- intensive

sourse is of great interest, and studing a photochemestry of molecules

excited by this sours. The development of lasers technics, for example

the methods of generation and rebuilding of frequency of high- power

ultrashort Laser impulses. These methods give new possibility for studing

of non-line photochemestry of biomolecules and organic onec, in liquid solution.

The stagelike absorption of some photones, the molecule to obtain permits a

great amount of internal energy in short time. The energy is greater then that

one of activation of photochemical processes. The know photochemical reactions

take place under excitetion of the first singlet or triplet of electronics