Photoelectrochemical cell with dye molecules oriented in nematic liquid crystals

N.S.Naser, A.Planner and D.Frackowiak

Institute of Physics, Poznan University of Technology,

Piotrowo 3, 60-965 Poznan, Poland.


The purpose of the investigation was the tried of the construction of the photoelectric sensor sensitive on polarization of the light. Such sensor togather with similar but measuring whole light intensity can be used for the monitoring of the scattering of the probe light beam.

The photoelectrochemical cell used in our investigations was composed of the solution of stilbazolium merocyanine dye in nematic liquid crystal located between two transparent semiconducting electrodes coverd by orienting layer. As a result of the interaction of liquid crystal with orienting layer the liquid crystal molecules are oriented [1-3 ]. Due to guest-host effect also dye molecules are uniaxially oriented along the axis located in plane of the electrodes [1-3]. As it was shown previously stilbazolium merocyanines are in such system oriented in a high degree [4].