Clinical results of updating method of a photodynamic therapy with “Photosens” :use as transport protein human albumines and fractional injection.


Torshina Nadezhda L.1, Kharnas Sergey S.2,Possypanova Anna M.1 , Volkova Anna I.1,

Kusin Michael2, Sclyanskaya Olga A.2, Kogan Eugenia A.2


1 General Physics Institute

38 Vavilov st., Moscow 117465, Russia

2Medical Academy, clinic of surgeonly decease ?1

6 B. Pirogovskaya st., Moscow 119435, Russia


At present we are carried out clinical tests of a compound “PHOTOSENS” for photodynamic therapy (PDT). “PHOTOSENS” is composition of the sulfonated of the phtalocyanines aluminium with a different degree of sulfonation (PhA). The necessity of doze’s reduction “PHOTOSENS” (connected from it phototoxicity by use high doze) at a simultaneous increase of its accumulation and uniform distribution in tumor, as well as increase difference of the contents compound in tumor and a normal tissue cause us to search probable ways of the decision of this problem in the introduction of compound together with transport protein as well as in the divisible injection of small dozes “PHOTOSENS”. Is carried out study of distribution it in organism and interaction with biological structures.