P4 New insights into DNA-protein crosslinks

From: Dietrich Averbeck  Dietrich.Averbeck@Curie.fr
Date: 12/19/97
Time: 9:42:49 AM
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Your work on DNA-protein crosslinks is extremely interesting. Because of the different biological consequences I am wondering whether depending on their specific structure they are subject to specific repair. As I remember DNA-protein crosslinks induced by UVC are considered as being rapidly repaired (work by Dr. Peak). You seem to show that some of the furoquinoline photoinduced DNA-protein crosslinks are lesions confering strong cell killing. Your poster suggests the interesting possibility that the individual structures of the DNA-protein crosslinks induced may differ considerably from one another and thus it should be worthwhile to characterize them further in order to relate their presence to the photobiological effects observed. With your work you open an exciting new research field. Thank you for your poster. With best wishes for Christmas an the New Year Dietrich

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