Re: NEW p58: CHS suppressed in mice by previously irradiated ...

From: D.E. Godar
Date: 12/17/97
Time: 6:34:35 PM
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Thank you Professor Potapenko for a wonderful reply. I would like to receive reprints of your papers, whichever ones are left, or copies if reprints are no longer available. I'm very curious to see if the photooxidized psoralen compunds will induce apoptosis of T cells, monocytes, etc. Maybe I'll get around to trying that one day, but if you do it, please let me know what happened. Thank you. Here's my address for the reprints: Dianne Godar FDA/CDRH 12709 Twinbrook parkway Rockville, MD 20857 USA Again, I thank you for this courtesy in advance.

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