Re: Discussion and ideas for next one.

From: D.E. Godar
Date: 12/16/97
Time: 9:00:21 PM
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Great idea to have automatic email notification of Q's, A's, and C's.. Also, to isolate the different topics and discussions in seperate folders, such as 'Photochem, .UVR effects,Photomed., Photocarcinogenesis, etc.. and have one committee member responsible for inviting the papers for that symposium section, and organize the other contributions and posters for that section. This way everyone could read what interests them, without searching and possibly missing something (but they could do this also), comment, questions and answers would all be easy to locate and follow. Some responses occur much later on and are not noticed after other messages drown them out. I volunteer to organize one symposium next year, i.e., if you need and want help with it. Are there any other bids? Who will take photomedicine? Gene activation? Melanoma? SCC? Sunscreens? etc? Also, what about workshops? Works-in-progress? And, how about a general discussion forum where controversial topics could be brought up, without necessarily having any papers present online, and debated in free-for-all style, or in brainstorming format ( i.e., without fear of sounding stupid). For example, although there aren't any papers on melanoma, it would be nice to discuss what people think. Sunscreens are another good topic. The list is endless. Anyone else have any ideas?

Apoptosis can get out of hand, and may need to be further divided.

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