Re: P28 Photochromism of cellulose

Date: 12/15/97
Time: 1:18:59 PM
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Thank you for your comments! Sorry for not answering before. Unitil now we have performed measurement to study the photochromism of cotton cellulose and differently treated cotton cellulose. Measurements on holocellulose preparations are almost completed and measurements on animal and algae celluloses are considered. It seems that in vivo experiments would be difficult to perform at least with our equipments. Considering plant damage induced by ozone I do not know if the damage is seen also in the structure of cellulose formed in plants exposed to ozone. The time for scanning one emission spectrum is about 1 min and as seen in the figures showing the photochromism the total monitoring time was more the 1000 hours. The time of irradiation at 350 nm was about 100-200 hours with intervening dark periods of 200-400 hours.

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