P12&P22 correlation of the results

From: Ksenija radotic, eradotic@ubbg.etf.bg.ac.yu
Date: 12/11/97
Time: 4:19:08 PM
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The results presented in these two papers, showing the ratio between photodinamic membrane changes and membrane potential at the macroscopic membrane level (P12) and a single ion channel level (P22), are correlated.It would be interesting to follow the effect of some enzymes and compounds that stimulate or inhibit lipid peroxidation and/or formation of activated oxygen species, on this ratio. I would ask authors of both papers what they think about using the mentioned ratio for evaluation of the effect of different kinds of external stress (which is known to induce membrane potential change) on the membrane characteristics at macroscopic and channel level. I would also ask the authors to send me a reprint of these papers if they are published or in preparation for publication.

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