Re: C26 I do not see a biphasic response in Fig 1 either!

Date: 12/11/97
Time: 3:07:36 PM
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I looked carefully at Fig 1 and still do not see a biphasic response! The apparent dip after three hours does not appear to be significant. The peak apparently occurs around 12 h, but starts immediately. There is only a 2-3% difference between the 3 and 6 h time points and if a biphasic response is present it needs to be supported by error bars. The later drop is probably due to secondary necrosis that occurs in vitro in the absence of phagocytosis. Though I must say that I agree that two mechanisms may be occurring (independent of p53), I cannot agree that the data shows a biphasic response unless error bars and a statement concerning the number of seperate experiments are both provided.

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