NEW   In19 :  Very nice review on Sunscreens.

From: D.E. Godar
Date: 12/11/97
Time: 12:01:37 AM
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Very nice review by Dr. Gasparro on sunscreens, both chemical and physical ( e.g., TiO2). There is only one issue that still bothers me about sunscreens, i.e, photoproducts. I noticed that your review did not cover this issue and I was wondering if there were any studies that first irradiated the sunscreens to produce photoproducts and then apply this to mouse skin. Photoproducts, along with all the other possible reasons you state in your review, could help to explain some photoaging effects and immune suppression in the presence of high SFP sunscreens. Are there any good studies that addressed this issue? Does anyone plan to have a look at it? Could you add something about this in your review, if only one sentence? I bring this up again at this conference, because a very interesting paper by Potapenko's group (NEW p58) took psoralen and irradiated with 366 nm monochromatic radiation and found the photooxidized compounds caused suppression of the contact hypersensitivity response (did you see that paper?) (Actually, they were injected into the mice, not applied topically as I stated to get, hopefully, an immediate response from the authors). In addition, I know that cadmium can penetrate the skin, so I have little problem believing that iron can get through and have oxidizing effects - even without UV exposure! Cadmium is a component of the yellow dyes used in Tatoos and can cause photoreactions. What about cadmium? It is also carcinogenic. P.S. I really enjoyed this review, and it is a great updated source of information concerning sunscreens and modern opinions.

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