NEW p58: CHS suppressed in mice by previously irradiated psoralens!

From: Dianne E. Godar DEG@CDRH.FDA.GOV
Date: 12/10/97
Time: 10:41:42 PM
Remote Name:


Congradulations to Dr. Potapenko's group for a beautiful paper concerning psoralen that was previously irradiated with monochromatic 366 nm UVA1 radiation. The photooxidized products applied to mouse skin caused suppression of the contact hypersensitivity immune response. I wonder if something similar to your findings on psoralens applies to sunscreens as well? Does your group plan to extend this idea to sunscreens in the future? Do these photooxidized products cause hemolysis? How about apoptosis? Do you plan to have a look at these endpoints in future studies? I wonder if other immune responses, such as the humoral immune response, are also inhibited by oxidized psoralens? You may be onto a new therapeutic approach that would not have to involve the irradiation of patients or blood products; however, it may be limited to certain applications. This would mean that the pateint would not have to increase their risk for skin cancer or suffer photoaging effects. Do you plan to try this on any diseases (possibly a mouse model?)

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