Re: In7: Very interesting paper on CTD and SCC.

From: Dianne Godar
Date: 12/8/97
Time: 6:07:09 PM
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Dear Frank: The reason I brought up "sunburn" cells (SBC) or apoptotic cells and their relationship to the induction of skin cancers, e.g., SCC, was because Ley and Applegate, 1985, showed that apoptosis and hyperplasia, and later tumor formation were all dependent on the formation of CTD. They used, as you know, phtoreactivating light to reduce all three phenomena. Apopotic cells peaked early, 36-48 h, then hyperplasia, measured and significant at 72 h, and finaly (in another paper) tumor formation. If the formation of CTD relates to SCC, and if CTD causes apoptotic cells and hyperplasia, then one would think that both those endpoints would be relevant also. And, because SBC occurs early than the rest, it may be a good indicator for future tumor formation in that site. Many have noticed that SBC occur in local areas of the epidermis, and so does SCC, so it amy be that more DNA damage is incurred by cells in certain regions that may be deficient in serum, glutathione, may be dividing, or have lower levels of some soluble factor, such as cytokines, or may have higher levels of some soluble factor. However, showing this and proving it are another story and probably would be very difficult. Also, did I request a reprint when it is published? May I also request a preprint, if it is different then the paper in this conference after review? Thanks, once again, for presenting a stimulating paper.

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