Re: C26

Date: 12/6/97
Time: 8:29:18 PM
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We apologize for indicating wrong figure numbers in paper C26. In fact only fig 1 (the UVA data) show 'biphasic' apoptosis rates with an early apoptosis induction at 3 hours. Regarding fig 2 (UVA1): Dr.Godar is correct in assuming that underlying background might acount for the late increase in apoptosis. Regarding survival: A major advantage of the method used (Annexin V/propidium iodide double staining) is that apoptosis and overall survival are measured in one single step. Additionally cell debris and cell fragments can be seen in flow cytometric analysis (and are excluded by proper gating). Error bars: We decided to show no error bars since the rather close time and dose kinetic analysis equally controls for reliability of the observed effects.

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