Re: C23: Very nice paper about human UV exposures through glass.

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Date: 12/6/97
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Estimating the erythemal effective dose at high solar elevation angles or using lamps with a high UVB component, it is important to measure accurately within the UVB. The effectiveness of UVA compared to UVB is not very important under this conditions. Therefore the sensitivity curves of the common broadband radiometers used for MED determinations are just fitted to the UVB spectral region (CIE or IRPA). They do not give any response in the UVA or overestimate the UVA. Nevertheless these instruments give reliable results under the conditions described above.

But the estimation of the erythemal effective dose behind glass, at very low solar elevation angles or using lamps with a low UVB intensity but a high UVA intensity requires a proper measurement even within the UVA! Under the decribed spectral conditions UVA is the spectral region causing the dominant part of the total erythemal effective dose!.

With my contribution to this discussion I would like to point out that we developed a system with a sensitivity curve which gives reliable values (MED; J/m2) in the solar UVB AND WITHIN THE UVA REGION! (Values tracable to NIST). It gives an almost perfect fit between 290 and 380 nm!

I would be pleased if we could offer you one device and additional informations so that you could try the system (VioSpor). You would have to do the exposure experiment and send the VioSpor-Chip back to our lab. We will develop the film and give you the results.

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Lothar Quintern

PS: If any other reader of this message is interested to try the system we would be pleased to offer one Chip free of charge to use it in the experiments.


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