Re: C23: Very nice paper about human UV exposures through glass.

From: D.E. Godar
Date: 12/5/97
Time: 11:34:24 PM
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I agree that the actual measurements are the best approach; however, if your group doesn't actually plan to go to America or Europe to make these measurements then it is better to have something, such as mathematical estimates based on latitude adjustments, than nothing at all! Don't you agree? You see I am a bit worried because we will perform risk assessments in the near future, and we cannot take your findings into account because the values in America are quite different. Prior to making the actual measurments, can your group publish an estimate that can be used in risk assessments until the actual measurments can be made (which might be sometime)? Or do you plan to make these measuements in the very near future? The calculated numbers, though not exact, would at least improve the current risk estimates until the actual data is available. Also, the measurments, as you pointed out, were made only on one day in August, and for risk assessment a yearly value would be needed. Do you plan to estimate the yearly value using say one representative day for each month or season? (I realize daily measurements are not practical, unless you have many graduate students) And, thank you both (Joe Wong included) for responding so quickly to my questions. Great answers!