Re: P32 ultraweak luminescence of the blood

From: Rod Tilbury,
Date: 12/4/97
Time: 1:01:55 AM
Remote Name:


Thank you for your interest. My only explanation is either: the 'free' fatty acids bound to albumin are more susceptible to peroxidation than those associated with LDL, HDL, etc OR: the CL arises from the albumin in some as yet unknown way which is affected by the interaction with bound fatty acids, perhaps simply by the opening up of crevices when fatty acids bind. We are currently investigating this by testing albumin with and without fatty acids bound and also plan to examine the effect of binding specific fatty acids to albumin. I plan to submit the work covered in this poster paper for publication in the next couple of months, but in the meantime I will send you a copy of my last paper on this subject.

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