Re: C23: Very nice paper about human UV exposures through glass.

From: Alfio Parisi Email:
Date: 12/4/97
Time: 12:08:49 AM
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Dear Dr Godar Thank you for the comments on the paper.

In reply to your questions: 1) In this paper, the exposure through glass is predominantly due to UVA 2) With respect to implications for cancer risk assessment, there is further work required to take into account the human exposure to filtered solar UV. 3) The exposures in the paper are not yearly exposures, they are exposures measured on the dates shown in Table 1. 4) The UV environment is totally different in Northern Europe and America compared to Australia. Rather than make latitude adjustments, I think it is necessary to make measurements to provide quantitative data. 5) The response of the Robertson-Berger meter approximates the CIE erythemal response of human skin. It is a useful meter for measuring UV exposures. However the response of the meter in the UVA is not high enough to measure the filtered UV exposures in this paper.

Alfio Parisi

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