Re: C10: Vety interesting paper wrt a euglena dosimeter

Date: 12/3/97
Time: 3:39:49 PM
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Dear Rick,

Thank you for your comments. This is very interesting since we are also looking into the effects of various chemicals on motility and orientation in Euglena using an automatic device based on image analysis called ECOTOX. We found effects on gravity at extremely low alcohol concentrations as well as heavy metal ions. I doubt that any substantial amount of chemicals may penetrate the Plexi which is 3 mm thick. Finally, we did look into solar UV effects on a white strain: Mikolajczyk, E., Häder, D.-P. and Nultsch, W.: Photodynamically induced chemoresponses of the colorless flagellate, Astasia longa, in the presence of riboflavin. Arch. Microbiol. 142, 397 - 402 (1985).


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