Re: Special Lecture-Vital Microscopy and its use to Elucidate...

From: Kaare Gärtner
Date: 12/2/97
Time: 2:26:15 PM
Remote Name:


When looking at the discussion related to our paper, it becomes clear that the time consuming downloading of the video files is the main problem for those attempting to study our paper. We feel that dynamic processes will be of increasing importance in future biological research, due to the feasibility which the electronic technology offers already now and have the following proposal:

Initially it was to be expected that downloading of video files could be time consuming, but we hoped that publication of the conference on CD-ROM as originally planned could to some extent solve this problem. However, if the organizers of the conference allows it (i.e. Dr. Heelis is positive) we offer an alternative for those who feel they have too slow access to the video files, an alternative which also provides additional credit to the organizers of the First Internet Conference on Photochemistry and Photobiology: We can make CD's of the paper and distribute it at cost price. The price for each CD will be less than £ 10.

We would appreciate very much to see comments to/response on this proposal.

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