Re: C10: Vety interesting paper wrt a euglena dosimeter

From: Regas Santas,
Date: 12/2/97
Time: 12:22:29 PM
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Dear Dr. Moody

Thank you for your comment on our Euglena paper. I apologize for the delayed answer, but I was away from work during last week.

When we designed the experiment, we did not have in mind the permeability of plexiglass by plastic soluble lipophilic contaminants. I believe that this problem can be aleviated by using quartz containers instead of plexiglass. Quartz is probably a better material to use, as it is inert and fully transparent to UV and PAR. However, we did not use it because is considerably more expensive than plexiglass and our budget was limited.

We are not aware if anyone has tested the euchloroplastic strain of E. gracilis you mentioned. This would certainly be another very interesting and useful experiment.

The dark controls were also in plexiglass.

I would be happy to reply to any further questions you might have.

With best regards,

Regas Santas



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