From: Bordin Franco
Date: 11/30/97
Time: 9:24:07 AM
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Congratulations for your very nice and very interesting paper. However,I have a question. It is well known that UVC induces covalent cross-links between DNA and proteins in various organisms and from some years that 8-MOP also, in addition to the formation of monoadducts and of inter-strand cross-links, can do it in mammalian cells. Is this damage induced in yeast by UVC or not? DNA-protein cross-linking is a severe lesion, as you can realize not only considering the possible consequences of the presence of a such covalent bridge, but also because a base of DNA is damaged. The poster presented by my group in this Conference gives some data about. It is very strange, but in the last meetings on photobiology I asked information about this lesion to several people, but always without any answer.

Many regards. Franco

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