C26 A very interesting piece of work

From: Dietrich Averbeck Averbeck@Curie.fr
Date: 11/27/97
Time: 8:06:20 AM
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I find your work very interesting indeed. In fact, the kinetic studies on apoptosis induced by UV reflect different underlying mechanisms dependent on the wavelength region used. Depending on the type of damage inflicted different genes involved in apoptosis are induced at a different time scale. According to the different UV exposures different routes for apoptosis are likely to be induced: signal transduction pathways (including activation of specific kinases) as a consequence of the attack of radicals on membranes and proteins and/or DNA damage (via the p53 checkpoint pathway.Unfortunately, A431 cells are mutated in p53. It would be interesting to compare a p53 mutant with a corresponding wild type cell line.

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