Re: In16 (apoptosis and necrosis in tumour response PDT)

From: Mich Tronchin
Date: 11/26/97
Time: 6:34:33 AM
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I agree with Dr. Kessel: "necrotic" PDT is, at least in this system, more efficent than "apoptotic" PDT. On the other hand I think we must take into consideration also these points:

1) The cells under investigation *do not* undergo apoptosis spontaneously. Which means we can' t expect PDT-induced apoptosis to be an efficient tumor killer with this system.

2) Inflamation might surely enhance tumor regression (indipendently from the death mechanism) but might be also a danger for the patient. Anaphilattic death is a relatively rare event *but* sometimes it happens and having a (even less efficient) PDT mechanism able to enhance not inflamation events already present in a patient is surely a tool more we can use or not.

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