P7 Microemulsions

From: Chris Lambert crlam@conncoll.edu
Date: 11/25/97
Time: 4:43:11 PM
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I was interested in the measurement of singlet oxygen quantum yields in microemulsions. It seems to me that the interpretation of these results is extremely difficult since the localization of the sensitizer within a hydrophilic or hydrophobic region of the microenvironment will affect the apparent quantum yield. Interestingly the values in W/O and O/W emulsions show a similar trend, if you plot the data against each other a linear relationship is found with a gradient of 0.87. This implies that the absolute value of the quantum yield is strongly dependent on the environment rather than the sensitizer since it is unlikely that the change in environment affects all the sensitizers in exactly the same way. If this is the case it becomes extremely difficult to extrapolate results obtained in microemulsions to the biological situation. How do the apparent quantum yields determined in this work compare to values obtained in pure solvent?


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