From: Irene Kochevar, kochevar@helix.mgh.harvard.edu
Date: 11/21/97
Time: 11:01:20 PM
Remote Name:


This is just the type of poster that stimulates thinking and is entirely appropriate for an internet conference. The problem is interesting, the result is puzzling and specific questions are asked to the readers. Is the oxygen concentration in the nucleus lower than in the rest of the lens? If so, the higher amount of damage seen at this location may result from a high efficiency, oxygen-independent mechanism occuring at this location but not at more external sites because of quenching by oxygen. Thus, the few photons that penetrate into the nucleus of the lens cause much more damage per photon than those penentrating less deeply. This is a very general explaination but you may be able to think of some way to test it.


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