C10: Vety interesting paper wrt a euglena dosimeter

From: Rick_Moody@hc-sc.gc.ca
Date: 11/20/97
Time: 4:06:36 AM
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C10 Concerning your excellent paper "Assessment of Euglena gracilis as a biological dosimeter for solar UVA and UVB under field conditions" by Katerina Koussoulaki, Daniel Danielidis, D. –P. Häder and Regas Santas

I used to work with Euglena concerning the toxicity of pesticide spray adjuvents such as Aerotex, a petroleum crude oil distillate. Loss of cell motility was observed post-exposure, the onset time directly dependent on the toxin concentration. Would not permeation of your plexiglass holding cells by plastic soluble lipophilic aquatic contaminants affect your field data? These PAH from aquatic contamination via boat engines for example could 'leak' into your holding cells. Some PAH may be photoactivate by solar UV to elicit > loss of cell motility. Also I seem to recall a euchloroplastic strain of E. gracilis being available. Has anyone tested UV associated loss of cell motility in such strains versus those with chloroplasts to see if this loss of motility is chlorophyll/photosynthetically related? Really like your autotroph/heterotroph explanation in the paper. Your dark controls were in plexiglass also?


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